Crystal orientation : Inel Laue Diffraction System

LAUE diffraction is used to measure crystal orientation. The experiment differs from traditional diffractometer, since Bremsstrahlung radiation is generica cialis used instead of monochromatic beam.

Measurements are made in transmission or in back reflection and Laue patterns are collected in a few seconds. On single crystal samples, the diffraction intensity is very important, so acquisition time can be shortened.

In Laue X-Ray diffraction, acquisitions are made in back reflection or in transmission.

Back Reflection Laue

In back reflection method, the detector is placed between an X-Ray source and the crystal. The beams which are diffracted in a backward direction are recorded. One side of the cone of the best site clomid generic 50mg Laue reflections is defined by the instructions overnight viagra brand transmitted beam. The detector intersects the cone, with the diffraction spots generally lying on an hyperbola.

Transmission Laue

In transmission Laue method, the detector is placed behind the crystal to record beams which are transmitted through the crystal. One side of the cone of Laue reflections is defined by the transmitted beam.  The detector intersects the cone, with the diffraction spots generally lying on an ellipse.

The diffracted beams form arrays of spots, that lie on curves on the film. The Bragg angle is fixed for every set of planes in the crystal. Each set of planes picks out and diffracts the cialis generic order online problem particular wavelength from the white radiation that satisfies the Bragg law for the values of d and θ involved.
 X-Ray Detector (2D)
 Camera CCD or Imaging Plate Detector
 X-Ray Source  Generator 3500 Watts (60kV / 60mA) : needs an external cooling system
 Generator 50 Watts (50kV / 1mA) : no need for an external cooling system
 In point focus mode
 X-Ray Tube  Molybdenum or Tungsten target
 Sample holder  For fixing the crystal (designed according to customer requirements)
 Optic (point focus mode)  Collimators (differents diameters available)
 X-Ray capillary : mono or poly-capillaries
 Software  Global instrument driven by Inel software
 Data treatment made by specific software

The sample holder can be composed by a goniometer head and mounted on a XYZ motorized stage. Others possiblities are possible too, it depends on your needs.

Customized sample holder  

Schematic view


 With safety and opening door
 Dimensions / Weight (approx.)  W = 1040mm, D = 750mm, H = 1570mm / Weight < 300kg
 Power supply  30-32A / 208-230V - 50-60Hz if generator 3500 Watts
 Plugged on standard electrical power supply if generator 50 Watts
Results (in back reflection)
Diamond Si (220) La2TiO4






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