The Nomadic stress system
A portable, lightweight and adaptable instrument



Bring the analyzer to rx viagra 100mg searches your samples

You know that stress and texture measures are possible for small samples on XRD laboratory instruments (max. 15 x 15 x 2 cm).

Doing the same kind of analysis on natural viagra complete parts or other very big samples is still possible but typically needs more complex instruments. The systems used are XRD systems fixed on a robot like the Precix robot, but you still have to bring the sample to the fast cialis online instrument place.

Now you will be able to bring the analyzer directly to your sample and measure residual stress and texture in field with the new Inel Xsolo system.  

Why use Xsolo ?                                     Applications fields

• Small dimensions (h = 25cm)
• Light weight (< 10kg)
• Easy to use

 • Welds control in the field : pipelines, bridges, nuclear reactor facilities, ...
• On-site critical industrial parts control : aerospace, automative, ...
• Determination of critical failures in damaged important structures
• Validation of repaired areas "restored" to original specifications
• And even more ...

The best configuration for the most nomadic stress system you will ever find !


• Anode source Cr 4 Watts
• 2D detector
• Angular range : 90 to 170° 2θ

• Pixel size 20 µm
• CCD with Peltier cooling
• "Phi axis" motorization (texture)
• "Psi / Omega" angular sensor
• Working distance ~ 22mm

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